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Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer Sandals of 2012

Summer Sandals of 2012: "Summer Sandals of 2012"

Warm temperatures are here and you’ve gotten your first pedicure of the season. Now break out those sandals and show off your pretty feet!
Just one problem… Which sandals are hot for spring and summer 2012?
Trends change yearly, and while some styles are classic and stick around, some should definitely be forgotten. We’ve scoured the internet, runways, and streets to find the most sought-after sandals for spring.

flat sandals
Flat sandals are a universal choice for all — they’re cute, comfy, and flattering for any body type and outfit. Flats have taken a big step in the right direction lately, and they come in many colors and styles. While traditional flip-flops are still around, these fun sandals give you tons of options for a quick, slip-on sandal.
There are several strappy options that are in, or you can go minimal with one solo strap that runs around your ankle down to your toes. Fancy embellishments like rhinestones, studs, or jewels mix well with this style!

wedge sandals

For something a little bit more sassy, grab a great pair of wedge sandals! Wedges are perfect for people who love high heels, but don’t wear them because they’re too uncomfortable. While some wedges may be tall, they’re still seriously comfy shoes because of their structure.
Most wedge sandals have a cork-based heel, which lends to their comfort, but it’s common to see them made with other materials. The tops of wedges also come in a number of colors and materials, like shown above. One thing that you must do before putting on a pair of wedges: get apedicure! Since these are open-toed shoes, having polished toes is a must. Check out this guide to nail polish trends if you need some color inspiration.

Espadrilles sandals
For the girliest of sandals, look no further than espadrilles! One part wedge, one part weave, these sandals go hand-in-hand with spring. Like wedges, these sandals are comfortable and a favorite of many. You can choose from different colors, like the orange, red, or navy blue above, or go a little bit bolder with a floral print.
Espadrilles look good with several spring outfits, like knee-length dresses and cropped pants. Since they’ve got some height, they’ll make you look slimmer, similar to heels, but your feet won’t be aching at the end of the day!

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