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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pakistan trucks

The videogames most packaged-goods marketing execs grew up were first-person shooters (you gun down enemy warriors, giant rats, evil ogres) like Wolfenstein, Doom, Marathon, and Duke Nukem. In the 1990’s, the graphics of these games seemed great. But they feel like kindergarten sketches compared to the eye-saturating imagery of current action games like Crysis, Metro 2033, Mass Effect and Just Cause. Why does this matter? Because (as we all remember) hours and hours of staring at a game screen affects what the non-game world looks like. New food, beverage and personal products packages concocted for the teens and twenty-somethings of today look great to product managers and test well enough against existing products. But we suspect that they seem pretty flat to the young consumers they’re aimed at. What would win a “gnar” from the lips of a shredder? Visual intensity and complexity beyond anything on the shelf (or in the store) would probably work.

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