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Monday, September 5, 2011

iDomination | Fast Company

iDomination | Fast Company: "NUMEROLOGY | iDomination"

Apple's fifth iPhone is expected to debut later this month, barely four years after its original model redefined the word smartphone. Here, we trace the burgeoning iPhone empire.

Numerology: iDomination Popup-Icon

Apple has sold more than 100 million iPhones in 113 countries, including Liechtenstein, Macao, and Saudi Arabia.

Apple's hush-hush hype machine was thwarted on April 19, 2010--a full two monthsbefore the iPhone 4's official release--when the tech blog Gizmodo dissected a lost prototype. The post logged some 13 million views.

IPhone and iPhone app sales comprise 38.6% of Apple's overall revenue, which has skyrocketed since the product's debut:

There are 413,749 iPhone apps for that. The biggest categories: GAMES 15%, BOOKS 13.5%, ENTERTAINMENT 10.8%, and EDUCATION 8.9%

Verizon launched its iPhone network in February, officially igniting a U.S. carrier war. The rough iPhone subscriber standings (as of March 31): VERIZON: 2.2 MILLION, AT&T: 18 MILLION

Every day, iPhone users spend at least 1 million hours playing Angry Birds, making it the platform's most popular app.

The world's most expensive iPhone (the Diamond Rose by Stuart Hughes) is fashioned from rose gold and platinum, studded with more than 500 diamonds, and touts an $8 million price tag. 100% of buyers do not appreciate subtlety.

Apple's share of the global smartphone market has quintupled since the iPhone's debut.

Consumers spent $3.7 billion on iPhone and iPod accessories in 2009 (the most recent data available). Among the brands ruling that market: Kate Spade (cases), Bose (speakers), and BlueAnt (headsets).

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