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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Omnia 7 shuts down by it self - xda-developers

Omnia 7 shuts down by it self - xda-developers: " Omnia 7 shuts down by it self"

My omnia 7 shuts down all the time.. i don't know what the issue is. I have hard reset the phone a couple of times.

It happens very often when charging. As soon as the screen turns off, 1 or 2 minutes later, it comes back on again, says "Goodbye" and phone swithces off and then restarts. I then have to insert the sim code again.

I had Mango installed and tried to turn off 3G in the diagnostics "app", by choosing GSM 800/1900 i think it was. It was then it started behaving weird, and restarting. I have since reverted it back to Automatic in the diagnostic window, gone back to NoDo, and done a hard reset.

Done some more testing. If the sim card is removed, all is normal. it charges, and everything is fine. As soon as sim card is inserted it starts shutting down all the time.
i have also tried having the sim card inserted, and click cancel when asked for sim. still it restarts.
will the diagnostic changes have been reverted once i hardreset?

Firmware revision number: 2424.10.11.1
hardware revision number:
radio software version: 2424.10.11.1
radio hardware version:
bootloader version:
chip soc version:

Have you try this :

I had the same problem a few month ago. It seems that firmware upgrade have resolve the problem for me

Forget the "Kies" software. You should install

(it's the direct link to the firmware updating software, v KC3)

If you use the first link i've post, you'll find the second link in the "Programvare" section

If you don't have the diagnosis app : dial ##634#
It create a link in your app list to disagnosis and launch it.
If you have the diagnosis app, launch it.

type *#1234# to display the firmware version
if it's not :
PDA: xxxxxxxKC1
Phone: xxxxxxxKB2
CSC: xxxxxxxxJK1

you have to install the ROM KC1 that you can find here need to be registred).

You will find any help you need to update your firmware in this site. I can help you tomorow if you need.


My Phone : KC1/KB2/JK1
Firwmware : 2424.11.3.1
Radio software : 2424.11.2.2
bootloader :

Ok. i have now flashed to KC1.
Firmware: 242411.3.1
Radio software: 2424.11.2.2

And the phone has finally settled.
I have installed mango beta again, and i am charging the phone right now, and since the flash yesterday, no shutdowns.
Love my new omnia 7. yesterday, i was about to throw it away and go back to my iPhone 4.
I noticed some varius bugs happeing after some short time after you bought the phone. Pulling the battery and letting it lay around a short while seems to fix it, and never returns again after that.
Wery strange, but not sure that would have helped you, just saying that wierd things seems to happen with new Omnia 7 phones that with battery removment seems to fix the most.

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